Novice Course

Welcome to the novice chess course! I assume you have already completed the beginner course, if not then you might not understand the content in this one…

By now, you should know all of the rules, and how to win and draw a game of chess. In this course, we will be moving on to the key principles of all stages of the game, reinforced by numerous examples to develop your pattern recognition.

  1. Opening Principles in Chess
  2. Central Control #1 – A Key Opening Principle
  3. Central Control #2 – When the Centre Collapses
  4. King Safety – A Decisive Factor
  5. What is Strategy in Chess? – A Simple Overview
  6. Rook’s Pawn Endgames – Simple Theoretical Draws
  7. Closing The Gap – Queen versus 7th Rank Pawn Endgame
  8. Pins In Chess – Winning Material
  9. Forks – The Deadly Double Attack
  10. Checkmate Combinations