Novice Course

Welcome to the next chess course! I assume you have already completed the beginner course, if not then you might not understand the content in this one…

By now, you hopefully know all of the rules, and how to win and draw a game of chess. In this course, we will be moving on to the key principles of all stages of the game, reinforced by numerous examples to develop your pattern recognition:


  1. Fight For the Centre
  2. Fight For the Centre II
  3. Developing Your Pieces
  4. Tactics I: Watch Out For Forks!
  5. Tactics II: Pin to Win
  6. Tactics III: 20 Practical Puzzles
  7. Your First Opening as White
  8. Your First Defence against 1.e4

Soon to be published:

  1. Opening as Black: Against 1. d4
  2. Essential Endgames III
  3. Essential Endgames IV