Chapter Quiz Solutions (Beginner)

Here are the solutions to the summary questions, if you get any of them wrong, please visit the linked page, and review that chapter (shown in purple).

  1. Drawn by stalemate – the white king has no legal moves but is not in check, so the game is drawn. Covered in: chapter 3
  2. Yes, but only queenside (0-0-0) – the black bishop on a6 cuts across the castling square f1; so 0-0 would be an illegal move. Covered in: chapter 2
  3. No – it is drawn by insufficient material; the 2 knights versus the lone king is always drawn, because they can never trap the king fully. Covered in: chapter 3
  4. Ne4 – the knight moves to e4, and N is used to denote knight. Covered in: chapter 4
  5. Rfe1 – we include the ‘f’ to indicate that it was the rook on the f – file that moved, and not the other rook. Covered in: chapter 4
  6. Re8# – A paradigm of the back rank checkmate. Covered in: chapter 5
  7. Nh6# – The black king is in check by the knight, but has no squares to go to, because the white dark squared bishop covers the dark squares, therefore it is checkmate. Covered in: chapter 5
  8.  1…, Ncd1+ 2. Rxd1+ Nxd1# or alternatively 1…, Nfd1+ 2. Rxd1+ Nxd1# It doesn`t matter with which knight you check on d1 with, because the rook is forced to capture it anyway. Covered in: chapter 5
  9. Drawn with correct play – Covered in: chapter 6
  10.  1. Qxd5+! exd5 (1…,Kc7 2. Bxa7+ Bc5 3. Rxc5#) 2. Bb6+ axb6 3. Re8# or 1… Be6 2. Qxb7 Qe7 3. Qxa8+ Kc7 4. Bxe6+ Kb6 5. Qc6+ Ka5 6. Qa6#