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Welcome to my chess improvement website. As an art, a sport and a science, chess has a lot to offer. Different people take different approaches to the game, and get different forms of fulfillment in doing so. What virtually all chess players benefit from is a logical way of thinking, which means that you will become a better decision maker.

With more possible positions than atoms in the known universe, chess has plenty of room for expanding. Nowadays, chess professionals train with powerful chess engines, that can calculate up to 20 moves deep, and can play better than any human alive today, which raises the level of play, and allows anyone in the world, who has access to a computer, the ability to become a great chess player.

How I Began My Journey

I was introduced to the game at the age of six or seven, and occasionally played against my dad and brother, who were, like me, of beginner strength. Nothing much happened for a few years, until at the age of 10, I started playing against my teacher and classmates, and also joined the local chess club. Playing against the adults who arrived later, the weaknesses in my play were highlighted.

On one particular occasion, which I remember well, a strong league player sat down opposite me, and we played a game. He showed me where I went wrong, after almost every move! I was creating weaknesses in front of my king, and bringing out my queen too early on. He said “In every position, there are loads of trap doors, that you can fall through…” After a pause, he continued “…And what you have to do is avoid them, and lead your opponent into your own traps.” At that age, this made a lot of sense to me, and I was intrigued to learn more about chess. Soon after he said this, he trapped my queen at the edge of the board, as if to prove his point.

After one year, I joined the club`s B team, and started to play ‘proper’ ECF rated matches. I won my first ever game in just 19 moves, and lost the following one in 19 (through resignation). I began to buy chess books, and became a premium member on chess.com. I was learning fast.

The next momentous event was entering my first ever chess congress. I turned up at the Frodsham 2018 U120 congress, with no prior experience of what chess congresses are like, how to manage my time on the clock, or how to cope with psychological aspects of the game. After 5 rounds, I finished the outright winner, on a score of 5/5, and took home the princely sum of £150. I felt elated, and this spurred me on to get to the next level.

Since then, I have been to 2 more congresses, finishing mid table in each, with scores of 3/5 and 2.5/5, playing in a higher band (U135 ECF). At the end of July 2018, ECF awarded my first official grade of 130.

My Reasons For Helping Others

I want to see chess grow in popularity, and the number of chess players to rise. When this happens, there will be more competition, and a greater interest in the game. Chess will become more mainstream – like in Russia – and it will be promoted more in schools, as productive and beneficial exercise for the brain. As a result of chess becoming more popular, there will be more tournaments and local events, so that it is easier to get involved in this sport.

The Main Goals

This site is designed to take you from beginner up to strong club player level and beyond. The content included will provide you with the foundation to become an all round player, with an understanding of tactics, positional elements, strategies and much more. We want you to not only become a strong chess player, but also a creative thinker, and be able to develop your own style. In order to accelerate your improvement, the content released in each chapter will build on what you have already learned in the previous sections.

If you have any questions, don`t hesitate to leave a comment below, and I will get back to you as soon as possible.

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